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Therapeutic Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy massage relaxes the muscles and the mind, and encourages circulation of the blood and lymph.

Each massage session is unique. Essential oils are tailored to your specific  needs at the time. The oils work through the limbic system by inhalation and are absorbed through the largest organ in the body - the skin. The oils work on the both the physical body and the emotions.

Terry Logie


Out of 100 registered Therapeutic Aromatherapists in the country, I am the only registered male aromatherapist in the Gauteng area.

I offer a combination of massage treatments below using essential oils:


Treatment Details

I use the highest grade essential oils available in South Africa, sourced from specialist suppliers. They are unadulterated and free from synthetic additives.

The carrier oil that I use is a refined coconut oil which is not sticky or greasy. It washes off the skin easily, unlike other carrier oils.

I do NOT use synthetic, petroleum-based massage oils.

All massage therapists/aromatherapists are legally required to be registered with the Allied Health Professions Council SA. We are required to engage regularly in continued professional development activities.

I run a home-based practice in the peaceful suburb of Risidale, conveniently situated just off Beyers Naude Drive.

My rooms are private - and well-heated to a constant 27 degrees Celsius! A full en suite bathroom with shower is attached.
Parking is secure.

I offer 90-minute and 60-minute treatments. I work for the full duration, so make allowances for some turn-around time!


Your aromatherapy massage treatment is your private sanctuary from stress and pain. Take a little time out to re-charge, re-new and refresh yourself effectively with a professional aromatherapy massage.

I only work from my suite of rooms at home, no mobile massage.

What to expect from an Aromatherapy Massage:


Tel: 083 407 0664

Email: aromamassagejhb@gmail.com

221-5th Avenue, Risidale

Johannesburg, South Africa

Available 10:30 to 22:00

Monday to Sunday